Azerbaijan, strategically positioned at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, boasts a dynamic economy driven by its rich natural resources, particularly in the energy sector. Its unique location and developing infrastructure make it an attractive destination for international businesses and investors. The government has been actively pursuing reforms to enhance the business climate and attract foreign investment while also focusing on economic diversification.

Despite these efforts, Azerbaijan’s business environment presents challenges such as bureaucratic hurdles, corruption concerns, and the influence of powerful business entities, which can make navigating the risk management and compliance landscape more intricate. Our coverage of Azerbaijan aims to provide you with the necessary tools and insights to make informed decisions, ensuring your organization remains compliant and vigilant about potential risks in this dynamic market.

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Risk management & compliance landscape in Azerbaijan

Corporate Landscape Report 2023

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What is inside:

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Risk management & compliance landscape in Azerbaijan

Get the most complete information about a counterparty in Azerbaijan

Corporate Records

  • Registration information of companies and individual entrepreneurs
  • 155,000 company records
  • Historical Data since 2016
  • Updated weekly

Litigation Records

  • Information on litigation proceedings
  • 200,000 records
  • Historical Data since 2018
  • Updated weekly

State Procurements

  • Public contracts, register of unscrupulous suppliers
  • 100,000 contracts
  • Updated weekly

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