Uzbekistan, a key player in Central Asia, is characterized by its growing economy, strategic location, and abundant natural resources. As the region’s most populous country, it is becoming increasingly attractive to international businesses and investors. The government has been taking measures to improve the business climate and attract foreign investment.

However, challenges still persist in the realms of bureaucracy, corruption, and the influence of large business players, which can make navigating the risk management and compliance landscape in Uzbekistan quite complex. Our coverage of Uzbekistan aims to provide you with the necessary tools and insights to make informed decisions, ensuring your organisation remains compliant and well-informed about potential risks in this dynamic market.

With ClearPic online software, you can automate counterparty finding, validations and background research procedures by aggregating data from multiple public registers into a single, digestible dashboard.

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Risk management & compliance landscape in Uzbekistan

Corporate Landscape Report 2023

Get a comprehensive overview of the corporate landscape in Uzbekistan with our FREE country report. Use an opportunity to get insights and thorough examination of key company activities, charter capital size, and other registration data.

What is inside:

  • Total number of registered companies
  • Company age
  • Growth of enterprises
  • Allocation of active companies by industry
  • Legal forms
  • Chartered capital
Risk management & compliance landscape in Uzbekistan

Get the most complete information about a counterparty in Uzbekistan

Corporate Records

  • Registration information of companies and individual entrepreneurs
  • 800,000 companies records
  • Historical Data since 2018
  • Updated weekly

Litigation Records

  • Information on litigation proceedings
  • 2.5 million case records
  • Historical Data since 2017
  • Updated weekly

State Procurements

  • Public contracts, register of unscrupulous suppliers
  • 5 million contracts
  • Historical Data since 2010
  • Updated weekly

Business Activity

  • Data about companies’ participation in trade chambers, commercial projects and business ratings
  • Historical Data since 2018
  • Updated upon new publications

Watch Lists

  • Local lists of tax debtors, ineligible companies, etc
  • 180,000 records
  • Historical Data since 2015
  • Updated upon new publications

Licenses and Permits


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UzAuto MotorsAsaka, Andijan Region, Uzbekistan
UztransgazTashkent, Uzbekistan
UcellTashkent, Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan AirwaysTashkent, Uzbekistan
UzbekhydroenergoTashkent, Uzbekistan
UzprommashimpeksTashkent, Uzbekistan
Ipoteka BankTashkent, Uzbekistan

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